Basic Modular Stage Systems Modules

Modular Stage Systems (MSS) modules consist of light, tubular stainless steel base frames, link plates and deck boards. Simply un-stack the frames from the storage trolley, laying them out in the desired pattern. Place the link plates onto the frames, which set the frames at the correct spacing, then lay the deck boards on the frames.

Standard Modules
We offer five standard height, inter-stacking frame modules. All units can be built in tiers or used for ground level positions, and feature moulded feet to protect floor surfaces.  Tapered legs enable the units to nest inside each other when stacked to create tiered systems. The basic frame heights range from 215 -714mm.   Standard stage module sizes are 750 x 750, and 900 x750 for tiered seating arrangements.

The diagram below shows the different combinations.
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Delta stage boards (triangular) enable further fine-tuning of stage layouts. Other sizes and custom design units available subject to design, quantity and price

Safe and quiet in use, Modular Stage Systems are the versatile and ideal choice.

Why Stainless Steel Tubes?
Using stainless steel tubes for the basic modules provides a high strength-to-weight ratio, and well as providing a smart, easily cleaned surface that will not readily scuff or corrode. Double tubes create a strong outer framework to support the deck  panels, yet MSS remains one of the lightest systems on the market. The connecting joint system makes a rigid structure, but also permits easy design customisation.