staging for schools
custom staging for schools, churches, corporate presentations etc

Custom Staging

Our custom staging is the solution if you have very specific requirements and one of our standard modular stage system kits is not the right dimension or shape. We can design and tailor-make custom stages to fit most spaces, and meet your needs, in a safe and simple way – whether it’s for a temporary, permanent or portable stage.

We can build customised sizes (height, width and depth) and shapes; for example, to fit tricky spaces or to link with an existing built-in stage, podium or rostrum. Varied leg lengths can cope with an existing step, or you may need adjustable feet to erect your stage safely on uneven ground. We can also supply wheelchair access ramps. You can even choose coloured frames to personalise your custom staging or reflect your organisation.

Examples of applications for bespoke staging

  • To marry up with an existing platform or step
  • To fit in an awkwardly shaped area
  • To enable wheelchair access
  • To fit on an uneven old stone floor
  • To add personalised custom finishes to your stage


bespoke modular stage with blue frame and legs
bespoke modular stage with red frame and legs
bespoke modular staging with custom shaped modules
bespoke modular staging to fit onto steps
bespoke staging system with curved stage module
coloured custom staging frames for modular stages
adjustable foot for custom staging system
customised stage system with angled modular staging

What Modular Stage Systems Offer

  • Special sizes: the height, width and depth of module units can be manufactured to match or link with existing stages with, if required, stage skirting to fit that height.
  • Special shapes: curved deck boards or L-shaped modules to cut around obstacles such as pillars. (Please note that a certain amount of fine-tuning may be obtained by using our standard triangular delta frame corner units and boards.)
  • Adjustable feet: these have a depth of ±15mm and are added to the frame legs. Fitted with a non-slip rubber pad, they can make the stage level on uneven ground or an outdoor gentle slope. For use only with single level stages or the base frames of multi-level designs.
  • Frames with varied leg lengths: to fit on an existing stepped floor.
  • Coloured frame tubing: colour options for our plastic-coated tubing at no extra cost include blue, ivory, yellow, green and red.
  • Special step units: you can order these with more steps than the standard 1- 3 treads, or to other requirements.
  • Deckboard surface: this can be covered in heavy contract broadloom carpet, in blue, grey, red or green, instead of the standard phenolic resin. flammability tested to BS EN 13501:2002, the carpet does not ravel or fray. We also supply a heavy duty slip-resistant vinyl finish in grey, and boards with a clear non-slip acrylic coating.
  • Wheelchair access ramps: these are carefully tailored to each application so that the gradient and turning space is correct and safe.
  • Backdrop drapes: subject to availability, we can supply other colours as an alternative to the standard black.
  • Bespoke trolleys: special designs are available, for example for storing specific components or fitting through narrow doorways.
  • Mobile display boards: to complement your staging, for example in a school or business environment – ideal for promoting your event!
  • Accessories for accessibility and safety: guard rails, chair stops, kick boards and step units.
  • Accessories for decoration: cloth skirting in black, royal blue, green, red or navy blue, backdrop frames, flats and curtain drapes.
  • Accessories for storage: solid cladding fascia panels to enable tidy storage below stage, and wheeled drawer storage units.

Help and advice
Please contact us with your individual requirements. Our sales advisers will be glad to help and give guidance as to what is possible. We can carry out a site survey to fine-tune the solution, and we provide 3-D design software to give you photo-realistic images of the proposed custom staging.