Modular Stage Systems –
How To Assemble

Our modular stage systems are designed for ease of use while keeping safety paramount. Please follow the detailed instructions for assembly and storage of your portable staging.

Basic principles and guidelines for building your modular stage

  • On delivery of your mobile stage check and inspect the items, trolleys and their stacking. Never use damaged components and do not modify any of them without written permission from Flowstore.
  • Our modules allow you to vary the layout of your stage design, so you will find it helpful to work from a sketch of the staging required at any one time: concert stage, school staging, theatre stage, fashion runway etc. Any step units should be placed to give safe access to the stage and emergency exits.
  • Print and use our layout template to design and configure your stage. Click here to download.
  • Always position and assemble the stage modules on a flat floor surface that can support the staging and loads.
  • Use an assembly sequence that best suits you but make sure you lay out the stage module frames square to each other and overall. This will enable easy fitting of the deck boards. Connect step units securely to the modules. 
  • Building a single tier stage: It’s generally easiest to start by laying out the back two rows of the staging frames, then add the deck boards and continue working forwards.
  • Building a tiered stage system: Measure from the back wall (or intended highest point) to find where the lowest level begins, and start assembling the frames from that point. Once it is all squared up, add the deck boards, working from the back (or highest point) towards the front.
  • Always read instructions and drawings for your modular staging before assembly and use.

Basic principles and guidelines for dismantling your modular stage

  • Use the reverse method of assembly for dismantling, stacking and storing your stage and its accessories such as guard rails, skirting, back cloth drape sets and back flats.



how to assemble the modular stage systemAssembly Guide

Click here to download the Modular Stage Systems Assembly Guide

plan your modular stage with our layout pageSketch Page

Click here to download a layout page which you can print to design and plan your stage configuration.


It can be erected in a few minutes, which made the caretaker’s job easy and it’s simple to store

Barry, Drama teacher, Uxbridge