We offer a wide range of components that can be bought 
either with your stage or over time as the need dictates.


Guard rails, wheelchair ramps, step units, cloth skirting, backdrop
frames, flats and curtain drapes are readily available, and
optional solid cladding panels enable tidy storage below the

Modular Frames

Deck Boards

Guard Rails


Step Units & Ramps

Infil Panels & Cladding

Roller Draw Units

Backdrops & Skirting

These can incorporate wheeled drawer storage units for:

  • Module Frames
  • Stage boards
  • Link Plates
  • Frame Post Caps
  • Trolleys – Transformer Trolleys*, Spiral, Narrow
  • Steps
  • Guard-rails
  • Cloth shirts
  • Fascia Panels
  • Frames for Cloth Drapes & Flats
  • Storage Drawers
  • Ramps