Single & Multi Level Stage Kits

We offer 17 Modular Stage Systems kits, both single level and multi-level.  Each one offers a different number of modules, the corresponding trolleys and deck boards.  The beauty of these kits is that they can be added to with extra modules and a choice of a wide range of accessories.

Each kit can be configured in a number of ways for different occasions; are easy to set up and take down, and take little storage space due to the ingenious trolleys.

Choosing a stage

The range of standard combinations of basic size and tiered options may meet your needs. You can also add additional items to a standard package, or purchase add-on items at a later time to extend your initial system.

If your requirements require a little more customisation – for example special heights to match an existing built-in stage, or if special size units are required - you’ll probably need more guidance on what is possible, and a sales advisor will be glad to help. Site surveys can be carried out when customisation is required, and we can provide full colour 3D photo-realistic images of the proposed design from our CAD centre.

If there’s something you need which you cannot see in the range of modules and accessories, we will listen to your requirements and tailor a solution to suit, where possible.

Deck Boards
The standard non-slip deck boards are made from phenolic resin-coated water resistant 18mm thick 13-ply Finnish timber in dark chocolate finish. These non-slip boards provide the most versatile multifunction surface for a variety of uses, do not harbour dirt or debris, and footmarks can be easily wiped clean. Ink or paint spillages, chewing gum and so on are easily dealt with.
We offer carpeted boards as an alternative to non-slip. Vinyl or plain varnished finishes are also available.

If you have particular requirements for alternative finishes, for instance, for permanent installation, we are happy to discuss options.

Storage Trolleys
If you choose our unique, multi-purpose Transformer Trolleys * with locking castors, you’ll find they actually become part of the stage themselves! Because you then need less decks and modules, this makes for economical purchase, and saves empty trolleys from needing storage space elsewhere. Transformer trolleys* are standard when non-slip deck board stage kits are supplied.

Standard 4-post trolleys can also be supplied for spiral stacking, and other trolley options and special designs are available for storing other components, such as guard rails, or fitting through narrower doorways.

Transformer Trolleys* and standard trolleys can typically hold up to 20 complete stage modules, and yet remain easy to move.

We have all agreed that building and dismantling the staging has transformed our concert events

Colin Mercer

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Transformer Trolley*
Turning your trolley into part of your stage - saving space and time.